Fashion fabrics

  • Fabric made with natural ingredients


    ONIBEGIE is a synthetic fiber material, one of whose components is the outer skin of onions produced in Japan. Twenty-two natural components are mixed in various ways to create natural colors and appearances.

  • VINTAGE series fiber

    Honey Vintage

    Created with an emphasis on the comfort of the wearer, Honey Vintage is a material with a puffy feeling, which features both a calming texture and a touch of elegance and dressiness.

  • VINTAGE series fiber

    Honey Vintage SS

    Honey Vintage SS is a spring/summer version of Honey Vintage. It has a dry feel while retaining an elegant silhouette and puffy feeling.

  • VINTAGE series fiber

    Honey Vintage WL

    Honey Vintage WL is an autumn/winter version of Honey Vintage. It features a smooth texture like that of baby cashmere in addition to a warm puffy feeling.

  • VINTAGE series fiber


    TECHNO VINTAGE BB features a natural surface appearance, fine texture, and shape-retaining properties.

  • VINTAGE series fiber


    TECHNO VINTAGE BJ has a strong ability to retain its shape. It also features tension, elasticity, and a natural surface appearance.

  • VINTAGE series fiber


    TECHNO VINTAGE FL is an unprecedented nylon material featuring a matte appearance with silk-like shading and a touch of class.

  • VINTAGE series fiber

    Full-Body Vintage

    Full-Body Vintage is a full, ample, resilient material with a glamorous but compact appearance that makes a substantial impression.

  • Environmentally friendly stretch material


    Processed to be environmentally friendly with T-400™ Fiber, a PTT composite fiber, as the core material, VIRTUAREX boasts superior elastic recovery. It was developed by Toray Synthetic Textile Cluster.

  • Environmentally friendly stretch material that keeps the wearer cool


    Developed in pursuit of wearer comfort and mobility, COOL DOTS combines superior breathability and stretch enabled by the utilization of VIRTUAREX as described above.

  • Hybrid material with a dry touch


    Developed using the advanced post-processing technologies of Komatsu Matere, tre.dry is a new triacetate material that inherits the texture and feel of conventional materials.

  • Glossy material


    RUGANO is a premium-quality material with a lacquer-like texture, which combines an elegant, deep gloss with flexibility.

  • 3D dyed material


    TOSPO is a visually exciting 3D dyed material, which has a uniquely patterned indented surface while retaining the original texture of the cloth.

  • 3D dyed material


    TOPEARE is a 3D dyed material with natural shading, which adds to its rich, natural appearance while retaining the original texture of “plain material that is not plain.”

  • 3D dyed material


    Evolving and combining the processing technologies for TOPSO-N II and 3D dyed TOPEARE, TOPEARE II is a new 3D material featuring a delicate, natural touch and a patterned indented surface.

  • Digitally printed fabric


    The rich variety of 16.7 million colors and an advanced controlling technology have enabled crisp patterns and images to be printed on this fabric.

  • Environmentally friendly double-faced material


    Our technology enables the front and back surfaces to be dyed simultaneously in different colors without a loss of texture, even with thin, lightweight material. Dyed without water, AirDye is an environmentally conscious material that is kind to people and the earth.

  • Standing fabric


    Hard enough to stand on its own, KONBU-N features a firm, dry texture that is reminiscent of dried kelp (konbu in Japanese). Being highly chromogenic, KONBU-N is an amazing standing fabric that also allows you to enjoy color variations.

  • New-generation product dyeing technology

    Senryou Yakusha

    Applying a unique dyeing technology, this new-generation product dyeing technology adds the touch and texture of hand-dyed fabrics to each product.