Fashion fabrics

VINTAGE series fiber



An eco-friendly fabric with high shape-retaining properties

Through continued technological development since the release of Techno Vintage BJ in 2007, we have achieved high shape retaining properties in 100% polyester by optimizing the combination of yarn type, design and post-processing.
This is a new brand of eco-friendly fabric developed using a processing technology with reduced environmental impact.

  • Retains its shape due to a unique combination of tension and elasticity.
  • Eco-friendly, as no additional processes or chemical treatments are added to the standard polyester processing method.
  • Can be processed into woven or knitted fabric using polyester yarn (PBT and PTT).
  • Can be processed using our proprietary technology to give it various functions.
    (Water repellency, Antistatic property, Water absorbency, Antibacterial deodorizing, etc.)
DANTOTSU water-repellent
Water repellency
Antibacterial deodorizing
Sweat absorbent
Water absorbency
Antistatic property
Soil release
  • We also offer “Techno Vintage KK PFGD(prepare for garment dye)” which has been developed exclusively for product dyeing.
    A natural appearance and unique texture can be achieved.

*In order to control the shape-retaining properties, we digitalize the measured values of the recovery angles using JIS L1059-1 measurement after creases are made by folding (Monsanto Method).
The smaller the recovery angles, the more pronounced the creases.
According to our criteria, the product passes the test when the total of lateral and vertical values is 20 degrees or more than the corresponding total for conventional materials.
Click here to see the video of the Monsanto Method experiment.

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