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Moisture and water permeable (environmentally friendly) 



"SAITOSGR" adopted for overseas fashion houses

(1) Features of SAITOSGR

① Environmentally friendly
Like "SAITOSGF," "SAITOSGR" is a new material that reduces environmental impacts. The back of the material (inside the garment) is coated with a moisture-permeable waterproof film. Similarly, the material is made with 50% plant-derived polyurethane and can be combined with processing such as recycled thread or plant-derived yarn and non-fluorine water-repellent processing.
Plants grow through taking in CO2 and H2O from the air. SAITOS GR is a plant derived material, so after its burned as garbage, the plant based CO2 returns to the air and becomes nutrition for other plants.Compared to the conventional polyurethane membrane, up to 50% of CO2 can be reduced through this process.
"SAITOSGR" is an environmentally conscious material that overseas fashion houses have already adopted.
SATOS ™ -GR Mechanism

SATOSGR Mechanism

② Comfortable to wear

The film used for "SAITOSGR" has 60% more stretch than conventional products. By attaching this elastic film to the fabric, the material can flexibly stretch to body movements, allowing for free, un-restricted movement while reducing the rubbing sound of the fabric. This feature makes our material comfortable to wear.

(2)Applications of SAITOSGR

Sports clothing, casual clothing, etc.

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