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Moisture and water permeable (environmentally friendly) 



"SAITOS®-GR" adopted for overseas fashion houses

(1) Features of SAITOS®-GR

① Environmentally friendly
Like "SAITOS®-GF," "SAITOS®-GR" is a new material that reduces environmental impacts. The back of the material (inside the garment) is coated with a moisture-permeable waterproof film. Similarly, the material is made with 50% plant-derived polyurethane and can be combined with processing such as recycled thread or plant-derived yarn and non-fluorine water-repellent processing. "SAITOS®-GR" is an environmentally conscious material that overseas fashion houses have already adopted.
SATOS ® -GR Mechanism

SATOS ® -GR Mechanism

② Comfortable to wear

The film used for "SAITOS®-GR" has 60% more stretch than conventional products. By attaching this elastic film to the fabric, the material can flexibly stretch to body movements, allowing for free, un-restricted movement while reducing the rubbing sound of the fabric. This feature makes our material comfortable to wear.

(2)Applications of SAITOS®-GR

Sports clothing, casual clothing, etc.

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