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In addition to condiments, cooking oils and machine oil stains at work sites, Dantotsu OʼTeal quickly removes a wide range of stains that occur in various situations, such as sebum and collar stains. By removing stains fast and cleanly, washing time is shortened, increasing efficiency.


Increased cleanliness

■Increased cleanliness

Due to the fast stain removal speed, the degree of cleanliness is improved even with the same washing time.

Reduction in detergent consumption

■Reduction in detergent consumption※1

Stains are removed easily, so the amount of detergent used can be reduced, decreasing the burden on the environment due to wastewater.

*1)In-house tests have confirmed that even if the amount of detergent used is reduced by 50%, stain removal is equivalent to that of conventional products.


Stain removal mechanism

Stain removal mechanism

As a result of the flip-flop phenomenon, the oil-repellent group repels dirt while in the air, and the hydrophilic group removes dirt in water.
In addition, Dantotsu OʼTeal™ has more hydrophilic groups than our conventional fabric, giving it higher stain-removing properties.

Comparison of chili oil stain removal speed

Comparison of chili oil stain removal speed

Comparison of stain removal speed in 40°C water, after chili oil has adhered
Compared to our conventional fabric, the oil stain removal speed is 3x faster (4x depending on the material) and the washing time is shortened by up to 75%.


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