Fashion fabrics

Digitally printed fabric



Too vivid to draw.

Amazing digital print with 16,700,000 colors

Digital print fabrics are renowned for exceeding the limit in terms of both sharpness and color expression in fabrics. With the rich number of colors (16,700,000 colors) and our delicate and highly accurate technology to control them, we can make the world more vivid.

Making expressions more realistic through rich post-processing

The detailed print expression is combined with our rich post-processing technology to create more lively expressions. We also pursue realism in the sense of touch. The added value of the material can be enhanced by combining it with functional processing.

High-Definition and environmentally conscious

Mona Lisa is an environmentally friendly material with minimal use of dyes, water, resources, and energy by reproducing details such as tweed and denim. Mona Lisa is a new form of eco-friendliness with high definition that replaces the real thing through, for example, expressing fur and leather in print instead.

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