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Gentle on the skin



Mildly acidic pH-control fabric that is gentle on the skin

In the field of cosmetics, it is well known that healthy skin is mildly acidic. This fact was
the basis for the development of our new fabric, which protects the skin.
Luminous responds quickly to ambient changes and keeps the skin healthy.

pH-control mechanism

●With Luminousfig.1

●With untreated fabricfig.2

Luminous is treated with a special, long-lasting pH-control agent.
The fabric responds to changes in conditions; when its pH becomes
acidic or alkaline due to sweat or acid rain, it maintains a pH of 5-7.

Mild acidity that is gentle on the skin


Human skin is protected by a mildly acidic membrane consisting of amino acid and lactic acid,
which are contained in the sebum and sweat glands. It is said that keeping the skin mildly acidic
inhibits the growth of bacteria on the skin and tightens the skin’s protein.
In fact, the cosmetics industry sells mildly acidic basic cosmetics and skin lotions.


Gentle on the skin



●Adjusts the skin’s pH to 5-7 to make it healthy.

●Has a deodorant effect on sweat.

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