Fashion fabrics

Antibacterial and deodorant

Bionics AG

Bionics AG

Anti-Bacterial & Deodorant Fiber with Silver

Anti-Bacterial & Deodorant

Silver antibacterial agents provide antibacterial effects to the fiber and keep the material clean.


Washing durability

Durable enough to pass industrial use washing and maintain antibacterial effects for a long time.


Wide range of applications

Applicable for medical, sports, fashion, and all kinds of textile products.


SEK mark acquisition

Figure Friction band voltage

Anti-Bacterial & Deodorant Processing

Figure Water absorption

Fungistatic processing

(General Use)

Targets textile products for general households and food businesses.

Figure Dirt removal

Fungistatic processing

(Specific Use)

Applicable to industrial textile products used in medical institutions, nursing homes, etc.


Environmentally friendly for the world.

Uses antibacterial agents that meet international standards for safety and environmental considerations such as ECOTEX ®, EPA, and BPR.

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