Privacy Policy

Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information

As Komatsu Matere Co., Ltd. (hereafter, the “Company”) handles personal information of its customers, employees, and all the people related to the Company, it will comply with laws, regulations, and other standards related to the protection of personal information and take measures voluntarily and proactively to protect and use such information in an appropriate manner.

Collection of personal information

The Company collects information that permits the personal identification of individuals to the extent necessary to provide services in line with the objectives of its business. The Company will collect personal information by clarifying the purpose of the collection and with the consent of those who provide their personal information, in principle.

Use of personal information

The Company will use the collected personal information within the scope necessary for achieving the purpose of the collection. However, it may use or provide such information for other purposes:
  1. in accordance with the provisions of laws,
  2. with the consent of the person who provided their personal information, OR
  3. when outsourcing the handling of all or part of the personal data to the extent necessary to achieve the objectives of the Company’s business (e.g. providing the names and addresses of individuals to companies to which services such as home delivery are outsourced)

Management of personal information

The Company will strive to manage the collected personal information appropriately to prevent it from being leaked externally, destroyed, altered, or lost. However, the personal information of people who have disclosed or published it themselves shall be outside the scope of the Company’s management.

Disclosure, correction, or other change of personal information

Where a person who has provided their personal information has requested that the Company disclose their own personal information to them, the Company will disclose such information to the said person without delay, in principle. Where a person has requested the correction or other change of their personal information, the Company will undertake the correction or other change of the information without delay, in principle.

Handling of personal information on the website

Users of this website shall be responsible for their use of this website. This website has links to other websites to provide customers with useful information and services. The Company shall assume no responsibility whatsoever for any damage that may be caused by the use of information obtained from this website or other websites linked to this website, or for the safety of personal information on linked websites. Users are requested to use the websites based on their own judgment.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Company will review and improve this Privacy Policy as necessary in response to changes to applicable laws, for example.