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New tactile suede fabric



KOMASUEDE® features and technology

"KOMASUEDE®" was developed by our unique suede processing technology. With the goal of creating a new texture of suede that is impossible with leather, we developed special processing equipment and chemicals for suede and have completed the process.

Compared with conventional suede material sold in the market, our suede material features unique volume, elasticity, and mild texture. In addition, our suede material is high quality and also features a feel with an airy touch that absorbs into the hand.

Comparison with conventional products

he cross-sectional area of the fabric was enlarged by 50 times by using an electronic microscope. As a result, we demonstrated that the fabric is twice as voluminous as the conventional material.

Conventional Suede Processing Technology


Fashion clothing, sports clothing, accessories (gloves, stationery goods, etc.),
shoes, bags, interior goods (chairs, cushions, etc.), etc.

Sales plan and development of "KOMASUEDE®"

  • ■Sales Plan

    First year 350000 m 200,000,000 yen
    Three years later 800000 m 500,000,000 yen
  • ■Development investment

    200,000,000 yen ※Equipment installation related to the suede line, etc.

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