About Us

Company Name KOMATSU MATERE Co.,Ltd.
Established October, 1943
President President (COO) Sasaki Hisae
Capital 4,680 million yen
Enployees 1,063(including the group companies)in FY 2022
Revenue 35,438 million yen in FY 2022
Main Business

[Clothing fabrics]

This is the core business of Komatsu Matere. We manufacture and sell advanced fabrics that are used as materials for various items of clothing, such as sports clothing and uniforms incorporating function technologies, which are our strengths, in addition to fashion clothing based on our sophisticated sensibility and accumulated expertise.

[Material fabrics]

By applying the function technologies that we at Komatsu Matere have accumulated since our foundation, we manufacture and sell highly functional fabrics for a broad range of applications including interiors, vehicle interior materials, medicine and welfare, and electrical materials.

[Product Division]

Based on the advanced fabrics we manufacture that have both sophisticated sensibility and superior functionality, we plan, propose, manufacture, and sell original products in the fields of fashion clothing, swimwear, fitness wear, and others as an original design manufacturer (ODM), by taking advantage of our unique methods such as product dyeing. We thus aim to have dual functions as a manufacturer and service provider .

[Advanced Materials]

We produce and sell eco-friendly materials using advanced components, such as foamed ceramics made by recycling industrial waste from dyeing factories, and thermal plastic carbon fiber composite which is used as a seismic reinforcement material.