There is no end to the number of corporate scandals threatening the survival of the companies involved, and corporate ethics are subject to strict scrutiny. Nowadays, companies and individuals are strongly expected to act in fairness and good faith based on common sense. At the basis of such activities is the concept of compliance (with corporate ethics, laws and regulations, and social rules). At Komatsu Matere, we work according to the corporate philosophy of “Create excitement,” “Contribute to the earth and society,” and “Develop along with our employees,” aiming to be a company that is trusted by society at all times. To achieve this corporate vision, we have high ethical standards, acquire an awareness of compliance with laws, regulations, and rules, and act in ways that will cause the Komatsu Matere Group to be evaluated even more highly as a corporate entity with a high level of fairness and transparency.

Compliance System

We prevent corporate scandals by promoting compliance through the following organizations and approaches.
Compliance Committee This organization operates our compliance system by formulating action plans, checking their progress, deliberating important cases, and handling rewards and punishments, for example. If a scandal should regrettably occur, this committee is responsible for handling the matter urgently. It consists mainly of members of the management meeting.
Compliance Counter This serves as the internal contact point that accepts information, consultations, and whistle blowing from the viewpoint of preventive maintenance.
Compliance Card We have created a Compliance Card including the basic message, our Code of Conduct, Key Points of Actions, and Compliance Test, which are based on our management philosophy. We have distributed this card to all employees of the Komatsu Matere Group as a tool for raising awareness of compliance and providing training.

Code of Conduct

  • We provide high-quality products and services based on a sense of security, satisfaction, and trust of customers.
  • We operate our business in good faith by maintaining fair trading relationships with all of our business partners.
  • We strictly observe laws, regulations, and social rules and engage in fair, highly transparent business activities so as not to lose the trust of society.
  • We handle our tangible and intangible corporate assets and corporate information appropriately and properly.
  • We act with an awareness of being working members of society and aim to work professionally as businesspeople.
  • We pursue a sound working environment by respecting each other’s personalities and values.
  • We emphasize the protection of the global environment and promote environmental initiatives energetically.
  • We aim to develop ourselves together with society through exchanges with it and contribute to society as a good corporate citizen.

Key Points of Actions for Ethical Compliance

  • Observe laws and regulations.
  • Observe the policy and rules of the company.
  • Adhere to contracts and keep promises.
  • Do not act inappropriately.
  • Do not leak secrets.
  • Do not confuse business with personal affairs.
  • Do not tell lies.
  • Do not hide things.
  • Do not blame others.
  • Do not run away from problems.
  • Respect privacy.
  • Do not discriminate or bully.
  • Be environmentally friendly.
  • Follow safety rules.

Basics of Ethical Compliance

  • Always be grateful.
  • Think from the viewpoint of customers.
  • Apply commonsense criteria.
  • Do not overlook misconduct.
  • Hold open discussions.
  • Learn the laws and regulations that you need to know.

Ethical Compliance Test

  • Can you speak proudly to your family about the action?
  • Do you think it is acceptable to take the action as long as no one finds out?
  • What would you think of the action if the same action undertaken by someone else was reported in the news?
  • Will the action meet the expectations of our shareholders?
  • Is the action beneficial to customers or local communities?
  • Will the action lead to your own development and open up the future?