Fashion fabrics

Microporous coated fabric

Silent Coating

Silent Coating

A dry,comfortable touch

Microporous wet-type polyurethane film coating keeps the fabric dry even after perspiration, thanks to its high moisture permeability and adequate breathability.
Hydrophobic polyurethane is used, meaning the fabric does not deform due to moisture.

Remarkable lightness and stretchability

The extremely thinly coated film maintains the fabricʼs light weight and stretchability, increasing wearing comfort.

Features of silent coating

Remarkable lightness and stretchability

Silnet Coating

Conventional PU coating

Basic performance

Water resistance (JIS 1092) 300mm~500mm/H2O
Moisture permeability (JIS L1099-A1) >8,000g/ ㎡ /24hrs
Breathability (JIS L1096-A) 0.10~2.00 ㎤ / ㎠ /sec

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