For a better future

“mateReco" is a comprehensive brand of sustainable fabrics and products from the Komatsu Matere Group.


Raw materials

Environmentally friendly raw material selection

We use environmentally friendly raw materials such as recycled and naturally-derived bio thread.
In accordance with international standards such as GRS, the blending ratio is 20% or more.



Manufacturing process

An eco-friendly and highly functional processing technology

We use processing technologies that reduce water usage and CO2 emissions, dyes extracted from plants and other natural raw materials, and chemicals to achieve functional manufacturing that is friendly to environment.


Komatsu Matere's cumulative environmental activities

Reduction of greenhouse gases

Approximately 7.31 tons of greenhouse gas emissions are reduced per ton of product.

Equivalent to the amount of
CO2 absorbed by


cedar trees in one year

Water reduction

Approximately 484 tons of water
is saved per ton of product.

Equivalent to


500ml PET bottles

Reduction of organic chemicals

Approximately 1.23 tons reduction in organic chemical substances per ton of product

Equivalent to

11111ℓ paint cans

*Amount of reductions is cumulative from 2014-2022


NEWS : What’s New

2022/7/19 Posted a concept video for the “Matereco” brand.
2022/7/19 Launched the special website for the “Matereco” brand.