We promise to ensure the soundness of the global environment and Komatsu Matere’s business.

In our various business domains, we at Komatsu Matere seek to create an environment in which there is a harmonious coexistence between people, fibers, and nature, and to this end, we seek to continue providing reliable, high-quality materials in a responsible manner. On April 1, 1999, we created the Komatsu Materen Environmental Management Declaration to protect and conserve the global environment. Since then, we have been involved in a variety of corporate activities by positioning conservation and the development of the environment as our top priority issue.
With the Komatsu Matere Environmental Management Declaration, we promise to supply high-quality materials stably and ensure the perpetual soundness of the global environment and Komatsu Matere’s business, centered on the Basic Philosophy. This is aimed at protecting the global environment, not to mention the health of people who use the materials we produce, conserving energy and natural resources, and securing a safe, healthy work environment for all of our employees who take actions to achieve the goals.

Komatsu Matere Environmental Management Declaration

Basic Philosophy

We declare that we will do our best as part of our corporate responsibility to protect the global environment in order to maintain its soundness, by striving to maintain the harmony between the prosperity of human society and the protection of the environment from a global perspective.

Environmental Protection Policies

  • Conservation of the natural environment

    Take the local community and the ecosystem into consideration, and strive to prevent pollution in corporate activities.

  • Compliance with environmental laws, regulations, and rules

    Do our best to protect the environment by complying with national and local regulations on water quality, the atmosphere, noise, hazardous substances, and other aspects.

  • Prohibition of the use of hazardous substances

    With regard to dyes, chemicals, and resins used for processing fiber materials, the use of hazardous substances regulated under global standards shall be prohibited, and efforts shall be made to protect consumers and the environment.

  • Saving resources and energy and using them efficiently

    Be aware that the dyeing industry consumes a large amount of water and energy and creates a large environmental burden, and continue to improve equipment, systems, and work methods to save water and energy.

  • Reduction of industrial waste and pursuit of methods of reusing it

    Every single employee shall strive on a daily basis to reduce industrial waste and devise creative measures for reusing the waste.

  • Establishment of an environment management system and its continuous improvement

    Establish an environmental management system based on the Environmental Policies and improve it continuously.