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Protecting skin from ultraviolet rays

UV Digital 99

UV Digital 99

Cuts over 90% of UV rays!
UPF50+ confirmed

Available even for fluorescent-dye-processed white fabric with lower UV resistance

*Tested using the KMS-1-15 LAMP method

■What is UPF?

Ultraviolet Protection Factor

UPF is a scale showing a more realistic UV protection effect, calculated by multiplying the UV ray strength of sunlight on the earth’s surface and the skin damage caused by those UV rays.

UPF UV protection
15,20 Good
25,30,35 Very good
40,45,50,50+ Excellent

■UPF as a guide for UV protection

Assuming that 15 minutes of exposure to UV rays causes sunburn in sunny summer weather,
UV Digital 99 (UPF50) can protect the skin from UV damage for the following amount of time:

15 min x UPF50 = 750 min

Blocks UV rays for 12.5 hours!
Blocks UV rays for 12.5 hours!

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