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Silent Coating GR

Silent Coating GR


PU resin in which 50% of the raw materials are made from plants*1 allows for a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions.*2

*1 Derived from corn and castor oil
*2 Carbon neutral

The plants comprising the raw material absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere via photosynthesis, meaning the amount of carbon dioxide emitted when discarded is net zero. Since resins made from plants (usage ratio 50%)
are used, CO2 emissions can be reduced by 50% compared to conventional materials.

Dry and Comfortable

High moisture permeability keeps the environment inside the clothing comfortable.

Stretchy with a surprisingly light weight

The coating layer is thinned to the limit of the membrane, allowing for comfortable wearing without losing the fabric’s characteristic of light weight and elasticity.



Silent coating GR

Basic Performance

Water repellency JIS L1092 Spraying method Initial condition ≧ Class 4
Water resistance JIS L1092 A Low pressure method ≧300mmH2O
Moisture permeability JIS L1099 A-1 method ≧8,000g/m2/24hrs

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