Group Health Management Declaration

To realize our corporate principle of “Create excitement” and our action guideline of “Contribute to the establishment of society where people can enjoy a healthy, comfortable and safe life”, the KOMATSU MATERE group believes it is essential that our employees are physically and mentally healthy.
The company and the Corporate Health Insurance Society cooperate to further health promotion and fitness, so that each of our employees works with vigor and exerts his/her ability to the fullest.

Major Initiatives

  1. Making the workplace comfortable
    • Maintaining work-life balance by improving working efficiency
    • Quit smoking support and thorough prevention of passive smoking
  2. Mental health
    • Stress checks for all employees
    • Supporting self-care through mental health education, and supervisors’ care for subordinates
    • Enhancement of our counseling system by specialists
  3. Maintenance and promotion of health
    • Thorough implementation of regular checkups and appropriate health counseling
    • Increasing exercise opportunities through the support of club activities etc.