Chemical Substance Management Policy

Komatsu Matere Group Chemical Substance Management Policy

At the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) held in 2002, the goal was set to “minimize the significant adverse effects of the production and use of chemical substances on human health and the environment by 2020. On this occasion, regulations and management practices of chemical substances were strengthened worldwide. In addition, the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC)* group was established by several major brands in the apparel and footwear industries to achieve “zero discharge of hazardous chemicals in the entire supply chain by 2020” and is vigorously engaged in activities.
In order to respond quickly and flexibly to these global moves to strengthen chemical substance management, Komatsu Matere Group aims to minimize health, safety, and environmental risks by appropriately managing hazardous chemical substances in products and manufacturing processes.

Basic Policy

  1. We strive to provide our customers with safe and reliable products for people and the environment.
  2. We strive to comply with laws and regulations, international rules, and voluntary industry standards related to chemical substances.
  3. In the development of products and manufacturing technologies, we strive to design products that take into consideration the safety of workers and products and environmental impact.
  4. We strive to minimize risks to people and the environment caused by our corporate activities by obtaining and managing information on chemical substances from our suppliers.
  5. We conduct regular education in order to share information on the latest laws, regulations, and voluntary standards related to chemical substance management.
Komatsu Matere Co., Ltd.
Environmental Management Committee

Established: March 1, 2019