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Noise suppression sheet

Komaway (Noise Suppression Sheet)

Komaway (Noise Suppression Sheet)

Komaway (Noise Suppression Sheet)

  • Noise suppression sheet utilizing thin-film formation technology.
  • Noise reduction through converting unwanted radiation noise into thermal energy.
  • Supports wide and long rolls, also supports cost reduction of secondary processing.
  • Thin-film with excellent flexibility.
  • Wide frequency range noise suppression from low to high frequency.

■ Application examples

Application examples

  • Smartphones and mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Personal computers
  • Digital single-lens reflex camerasフ
  • Drive recorders, etc.

■ Specifications

Part number Standard Thickness Notes
8400 1000mm×100m 50μm RoHS and REACH compliant products
8421 1000mm×100m 160μm RoHS and REACH compliant products
Flame-retardant UL-VTM-0 equivalent
※ This is a measured value and not a guaranteed value.
※ Thickness is without adhesive processing.

■ Configuration Diagram

Configuration Diagram

■ Noise Suppression Performance

Noise Suppression Performance

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