Highly functional fabrics

Weatherproof Leather



Four types of toughness!!

1.TOUGH against outdoor use!

2.TOUGH against friction and abrasion!

3.TOUGH against hydrolysis!

4.TOUGH against extremely low temperatures!

KOMA TOUGH is a strong weatherproof polyurethane leather.
It is the highest grade material developed using Komatsu Matere technology.

図 耐寒性

Outdoor use

No change in appearance and no deterioration
in abrasion strength
(compared to our regular leather)

図 耐寒性

Abrasion resistance

No apparent abnormalities
(compared to our regular leather)
after testing using a Gakushin-type rubbing tester with steel plate
(applied 1 kg-load). *Testing performed within our company.

図 耐寒性


No change in appearance and abrasion strength(compared to our regular leather)
after the “jungle test”
(leaving the material at a temperature of
70°C and 90% humidity for 10 weeks).

図 耐寒性

Cold resistance

No apparent abnormalities(compared to our regular leather)
after flex testing in cold weather (JIS K 6772, -30°C test).

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