Highly functional fabrics

High durability laminated cloth



Excellent scratch resistance

The special polymer design of urethane makes "Gallax" thin, light, and supple, yet "Gallax" still has more than three times the abrasion and wear resistance than synthetic leather used for clothing.

Heat resistance

While ordinary polyurethane has a softening point at 140 to 160°C, "Gallax" has heat resistance from -20 to 200°C and can withstand high-temperature washing. (*by 5 second contact tests)

Excellent hydrolysis resistance

Urethane synthetic leather is susceptible to deterioration from humidity due to hydrolysis. "Gallax" is resistant to such damage including stickiness, peeling, and cracks due to hydrolysis.


Durability variation

"Gallax" makes it possible to combine the necessary durability performance according to the application. "Gallax" can be used in various applications, from everyday items to difficult situations that require durability.


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