Highly functional fabrics

Weather resistant



Contains 50% biomass
Plant-derived synthetic leather

BIO DIMA™ is an environment-conscious polyurethane synthetic leather using plant-derived materials. In addition to its polyurethane layer, plant-derived materials and environment-conscious material (ws*) also contribute to the further reduction of carbon dioxide.

※WS:A material using yarn that can be dyed quickly at a low temperature, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

What is the carbon cycle?
Plants grow through photosynthesis, taking in CO2 and H2O from the atmosphere. When plant-derived BIO DIMATM is burned after use, the CO2 emitted from the material returns to the atmosphere, becoming a source of nutrition for plants. This process helps minimize the amount of carbon dioxide.

Outdoor use

It has excellent weather resistance, leading to little change in appearance even when used outdoors, and its abrasion strength also decreases deterioration.


Polycarbonate polyurethane provides high durability.

CO2 Reduction

The amount of biomass contained in the surface layer is 50% (max). Combination with our environment-conscious base material further reduces carbon dioxide.

Design freedom

We can adjust the physical properties and functionality of the material to meet customers’ needs.

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