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Vent Filter

Komaway (Vent Filter)

Komaway (Vent Filter)

Komaway (Vent Filter)

  • Breathable and supports internal pressure adjustments.
  • Porous membrane for intrusion prevention of water, dust, and oil from the outside.
  • Waterproof and moisture permeable for condensation prevention in the enclosure.
  • Water repellent and initial oiliness (film surface).
  • High durability through P.E.T. mesh reinforcement.

■ Application examples

Application examples

  • LED lighting
  • Outdoor security cameras
  • Controller parts of electric bicycles, etc.
  • Outdoor installation switchboards
  • As internal pressure control membrane
  • Outdoor use, as condensation prevention filters
  • Vehicle pressure control membrane
  • High-rise elevator pressure control membrane

■ Specifications

Part number Permeability (Gurley method) Water pressure resistance (mm) Waterproof Other
TX1303M270 12 seconds 7,500 PX7, 8 equivalent RoHS and REACH compliant products
※ This is a measured value and not a guaranteed value.
※ Waterproof refers to water resistance in the enclosure.
※ Water resistance is measured by JIS L 1092 Water Resistance Test B method (high water pressure method).
※ Air permeability is measured by JIS L 1092 B method (Gurley method).

■ Configuration Diagram

Configuration Diagram

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