Feature introduction

Born from recycling
Eco material to breathe
greenbiz Recycles Waste
It is a foam ceramic material.
Energy saving and reduced air conditioning
Demonstrate high CO2 reduction ability.
4 performances of greenbiz
Water absorption / freezing resistance
Water holding capacity of more than 12t at 1,000m2. For guerrilla heavy rain drainage measures. 200 cycles of freeze-thaw test (JIS A1435) passed. Hard to break when frozen. Ideal for protective material of waterproof layer.
Water permeability
The water permeability in the width direction is 90 times that in the thickness direction! Water permeates side to side without stagnation. The permeability function is 4 times that of a normal permeability block.
Heat insulation and sound absorption
Biomass cake, a waste product, is mixed with clay, diatomaceous earth and cast iron slag and foamed and fired. The continuous microporosity is formed by the mixture of the pore size of millimeter size by foaming and the pore size of micron size by biomass cake. The noise level of greenbiz can reduce the noise level to 1/10.
Non-combustible / aging deterioration
It is an inorganic substance fired at a high temperature (1,000℃) and does not burn. It maintains its performance for a long time without deterioration due to ultraviolet rays or hydrolysis.
About material
greenbiz is a recycled material made from waste from dyeing factories.
The raw materials are clay, local diatomaceous earth, cast iron slag, and excess biomass cake from Komatsu Smelting. By firing it at a high heat of 1000℃ or more, countless small holes are created in the substrate. greenbiz exhibits various performances by including water and air in these holes.

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greenbiz Water Absorption and Retention
greenbiz Fire-resistant Properties


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