Development story


We are a textile dyeing manufacturer
based in Ishikawa Prefecture.
We develop and produce advanced
fabrics used in all aspects of life,
such as sports, fashion clothing, and living materials.

About 5 laps of the earth

Founded in 1943, it currently accounts for about 15% of Japan’s textile production.
The annual production scale is about five times the earth.
The clothes you are wearing now, the curtains that opened this morning, your favorite car seats, etc.
Perhaps you may be familiar today.

From “discard” to “create”

Effective utilization of surplus biomass cake discharged in proportion to the amount of dyeing has been a challenge and challenge for many years.
Green Biz is a foam ceramic made from this material and baked at about 1000℃.
“I want to do something for the environment.”
With such thoughts, we are creating new value from what we throw away.

From a simple structure
Expanding possibilities

The air layer created by the fine holes slows down the transfer of heat.
The water stored in the holes spreads over the plants and simultaneously evaporates and lowers the surface temperature.
We are developing applications while making daily improvements so that we can make the most of our abilities.

Use up scraps generated during cutting

Green Biz is a simple material with a porous structure everywhere.
Therefore, dust as well as offcuts generated in the production process have the same properties and can be used as a raw material for other materials without waste.
For example, as an aggregate and soil conditioner for pavement materials

For the future,
What you can do

Environmental problems have come to be felt on the skin as familiar problems.
Green Biz for a better global environment.
We aim for the best communication between humans and materials through Green Biz and contribute to the creation of a better environment.


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