Matere KanazawaHigashichayagai
Matere KanazawaHigashichayagai
Matere KanazawaHigashichayagai
Matere KanazawaHigashichayagai

Matere KanazawaHigashichayagai


About Matere Higashiyama

Infused with the flavors of Kaga and Noto, we enrich your everyday life and craft moments of luxury with our relentlessly refined craftsmanship from over the course of 80 years.

Between the Grandeur of Mt. Hakusan and the vast Sea of Japan,
lies Ishikawa, where the region’s humid climate nurtured a thriving textile industry.

This region, acting as a bridge between eastern and western Japan,
serves as a window to the world and holds an influential ability to foster connections.
We await your arrival, filled with hope that each encounter will bring joy.

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Amaike Super OrganzaAmaike Super Organza

Amaike Super Organza

Amaike Super Organza, produced in Ishikawa Prefecture, is an ultra-thin woven material with a thickness of about one-fifth of a human hair.
Immerse yourself in emotive colors that can only be expressed by a long-established dyeing company.
Discover the ethereal allure of this celestial fabric, both soft and captivating, as it weaves together a myriad of narratives, embellishing everyday moments and special occasions alike, from the time of birth to life's final chapter.

g-cube×Kutani wareg-cube×Kutani ware

g-cube×Kutani ware

A gentle aroma cube that requires neither fire nor electricity
These meticulously developed aroma cubes are produced from a unique porous material derived from the dyeing process.
Each cube features an intricate network of countless minuscule holes, innovatively designed to absorb generous amounts of air and oil.
Immerse yourself in an ambiance of serenity and tranquility, as these cubes delicately diffuse their soothing scents.



This interior planting concept is rooted in the belief that people and plants make excellent companions.
The pots are crafted from Green Biz, a recycled material specifically designed with plant-friendly features such as water retention and air permeability.
Each Buddy is carefully handcrafted, one at a time, by individuals in facilities that support the employment of people with disabilities.



Driven by the principle of transforming "what seems wasteful" into "unexpectedly useful", we develop our products by breathing new life into materials that would otherwise be discarded.
In doing so, we also contribute to reducing waste in the manufacturing process.
By harnessing the power of technology and intuition, we unlock the potential of materials, giving rise to products brimming with creativity, playfulness, and imagination.

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Matere KanazawaHigashichayagai

1-27-5 Higashiyama,
Kanazawa, Ishikawa,
920-0831 Japan
(Located across from Utasu Shrine)

Tel: 076-256-1763

Business Hours:10:00 - 17:00
Closed:January 1st and 2nd


By Car

From Kanazawa Station: about 10 minutes
From Expressway: about 15 minutes from Kanazawa East IC/Kanazawa Morimoto IC, about 25 minutes from Kanazawa Nishi IC
*Please use the nearby paid parking lot.

By public transport

Castle Town Kanazawa Tour Bus, Hokuriku Railway Route Bus, West Japan JR Bus: …about a 5-minute walk from the "Hashiba-cho" bus stop
Kanazawa Flat Bus: … about a 5-minute walk on foot from the lumber route “Asanogawa Ohashi” bus stop