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Moisture and water permeable (environmentally friendly) 



"SAITOS®-GF," the world's first moisture-permeable waterproof material

(1) Features of "SAITOS®-GF"

Environmentally friendly
"SAITOS®-GF" uses a moisture-permeable waterproof film made from 50% plant-derived polyurethane. This technology is the first in the world to be developed. Through our moisture-permeable waterproof film with recycled thread, a base fabric made from plant-derived thread, or processing such as non-fluorine water-repellent processing, we will be able to provide even more environmentally friendly materials.
SAITOS®-GF Mechanism

SAITOS®-GF Mechanism

② Highly waterproof

The moisture-permeable waterproof film on the outside of the outer prevents water from entering the surface and the fabric from retaining water, resulting in high waterproof performance. This feature prevents clothing from becoming heavy even when it rains, helping maintain user performance. In addition, the surface can be dried immediately by simply wiping off the adhered water.

③ Sweat elimination

"SAITOS®-GF" is made with moisture permeability that eliminates stuffiness caused by sweat while maintaining comfort inside the clothing. Moisture permeability tests (JIS L1099 L A-1, B-1 method) verified that our material is five times more moisture-permeable than our conventional product.

④ Friction resistant

With high resistance to wear and rubbing, our material is expected to be useful for sportswear and other products exposed to high external friction. The durability and abrasion resistance of our material are verified to be higher than our competitors’ moisture-permeable waterproof membrane by the JIS standard test (JISL1096C Taber type) on applying over 1500 abrasion cycles.

(2) Applications of "SAITOSR®-GF"

Sports clothing, casual clothing, etc.

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